Bionic Hand – Titanium®

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TITANIUM® is the first prosthetic hand with titanium supports and fingers and soft fingertips for children from about 7 upwards and adults.

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Unique because it can be totally personalized for palm size, gripping power and phalange length and width.

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Hand this glove, based on a totally new concept, has a back that is more elastic than the palm, a characteristic that significantly reduces attrition on the hand during gripping movements.



Procosil in collaboration with Professor Lanzetta for the specific rehabilitation and preparation of a stump for a TITANIUM® prosthetic hand.
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Technology reliable

mano bionica Titanium Tecnologia affidabile

Our obvious preference is for a reliable electronic system that can be used easily by patients. All modifications and adaptations are carried out instead by technicians specifically trained in fitting TITANIUM® bionic hands. Despite its complexity, TITANIUM® is a prosthesis that is controlled myoelectrically, making it particularly simple to use. Training in the use of the TITANIUM® bionic hand is however strongly recommended, so as to allow its maximum potential to be exploited. Our aim is to provide all TITANIUM® bionic hands with all the advantages of our advanced technology, respecting all vital characteristics of appearance, functionality and limited costs.

System sensorial

mano bionica Titanium Sistema sensoriale

As an option, TITANIUM® bionic hands can be fitted with a sensorial feedback system that allows patients to rediscover the sense of touch when holding an object. Bionic hands can be assessed free of charge in our laboratories, guided by our technical team and a psychologist to allow the patient to experience the full benefits of the new TITANIUM® prosthesis. Clearly, if a child or adult patient already wears or has worn a conventional myoelectric prosthesis, use of the TITANIUM® bionic hand will be even easier. Since every hand is different, all TITANIUM® bionic hands are made-to-measure to fit each patient. By appointment only, a special consulting room can be reserved for you, for examinations and verification of the feasibility of a prosthesis fitting.