MYOSIL® HAND   Main features: – Gripping force: about 24/42 N – Weight : ranging from 270 g to 425 g – Weight with mobile wrist : ranging from 340 g to 505 g – Weight of silicone glove : ranging from 90 g to 100 g – Maximum opening : ranging from 89.5 mm to 111 mm – Opening and closing speed : 2 seconds – Angle of flexion third phalanx of the first finger : 20° – Angle of flexion second and third phalanx of the second finger : 15° – Angle of flexion second and third phalanx of the third finger : 15° – Rotation of the wrist : 270° – Operating voltage : 7.2 V – Internal rechargeable battery : 1.2/2.4 Ah – Autonomy: about 24 h – One motor system   3 MYOSIL® is a myoelectric hand with phalangeal supports and with titanium fingers that meet the morphological characteristics of the patient. Its technological features, powerful grip, advanced functionality, sensory feedback and custom silicone cosmetics make MYOSIL® unique in the myoelectric prosthesis market. 4 5 MYOSIL® myoelectric hand includes a soft three-digital pinch composed of the thumb, index and middle finger. The fourth and fifth fingers follow the closing movement after the three fingers to give a more natural total hand grasp, and when closed they provide a lower base of support to the held object. MYOSIL® myoelectric hand is also made of technological advanced features such as 20ᵒ soft joints and soft finger tips for a perfect grip on the object. 6 MYOSIL ® myoelectric hand is an electronic device that is: – Reliable – Functional – Easy to use – Adaptable to the needs of patient – Customized with high-definition aesthetics (personalized color, shape and nails) MYOSIL ® myoelectric hand is available in various sizes, standard or custom, for Children and adult.   7 Optional features: – A sensory bio feedback device can be included to provide the patient with the sense of touch. – A soft wrist lockable in 5 positions.