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Our Prosthetic Center

The Procosil prosthesis center specializes in the production of silicone cosmetic prostheses for the upper and lower limbs.
Since 1996 Procosil has been using an original system for the production of silicone implants.
Our prostheses are tailor-made and therefore highly personalized in morphology and color, whether they are total hand, partial hand or complex partial hand prosthesis, or nose or ear epithesis. Partial foot prostheses are also made to measure. Our aim is to make every type of abutment aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

Le nostre Novità

La protesi 3D Shape System è una protesi design innovativa, modulare, ultra leggera ed ultra resistente grazie ad un sistema alveolare progettato per una eccellente durabilità e resistenza della protesi, lavorato attraverso l’utilizzo di stampanti 3D.

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F.A.S- Finger Articulation System permette il posizionamento e il mantenimento in posizione delle dita protesiche in diverse angolazioni.

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Our Prosthesis

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Our technology and experience allow us to prosthesize atypical abutments. The aim is, therefore, to make every type of abutment aesthetic, from total to partial amputation.

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The minutiae and precision of our work find all their importance in digital prostheses. The more distal (minimal) the amputation, the more the sense of detail is important.

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Our upper arm and forearm prostheses are designed with the same concern for detail.

The Procosil center specializes in the creation of nasal, palpebro-orbital and auricular epitheses.

Our technology allows us to prosthesize transmetatarsal, Lisfranc or Chopart amputations of the foot.

The prosthesis is recommended in early childhood only if it allows to correct a deformation (congenital dislocation) or in the case in which it gives functionality to a stump that the child does not use or uses badly.

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