Experience and expertise listening to your needs

Step by step, day by day

We guide the patient, step by step, in the design and construction of the prosthesis through the experience and expertise of our technicians, through innovative technologies, skin friendly and biocompatible certified materials but above all through listening to and taking care of everyone’s needs.

All our prostheses are internally designed and manufactured in the Procosil laboratories, a factor that guarantees absolute customization of the finished product.

From the first contact, which can also be made online, we will carry out a personalized evaluation which will lead to a meeting at our office for the technical and customization phases, up to delivery.

design technology

Our prostheses

We create highly personalized silicone prostheses of the latest generation.

The production process is aimed at the creation of a prosthetic device that reproduces the contralateral limb as faithfully as possible in terms of morphology, pigmentation, recreation of the nails in resin and adaptation to the stump.

This is possible thanks to digital and manual sculpting processes that give life to a monolithic mold from which we obtain a seamless silicone glove that will be colored to reproduce the patient’s pigmentation.

Quality processes


We guarantee a management system to protect the end user and his satisfaction, through the planning, monitoring and continuous improvement of operational and support processes, designing and implementing the quality management system as a means to achieve the objectives, in accordance with the InterCert ISO 13485:2016 regulation.

We are equally compliant with EU Regulation 2017/745 MDR relating to medical devices.

Our raw materials are carefully chosen: the latter have in fact passed biocompatibility and cytotoxicity tests, resulting in compliance with the InterCert ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 10993-5 regulations.

from imprint to delivery

Tailor made design

Listening and dialogue is an integral part of each step of the prosthesis manufacturing so that the finished product can promptly respond to the patient’s expectations.

For us, the manufacture of the prosthesis is not a standardized production process.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as 3D scanners, 3D printers and the presence of a qualified staff, always aimed at listening to needs, the patient will be able to actively participate in the creation of the final product.

All the customization phases can in fact be determined together, trying to combine the best solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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Excellent Synergies

A perfect fit of skills which sees the Italian Institute of Technology as the pole at the avant-garde of scientific research for the continuous improvement of robotic hand, QbRobotics as the manufacturer of the robotic hand and Procosil as the manufacturer of the silicone coating cosmetic glove SoftHand Pro and distributor of the robotic hand in the relevant markets.

Around the new robotic hand SoftHand Pro the collaboration between theItalian Institute of Technology, a foundation that carries out scientific research activities of public interest for the purposes of technological development and scientific innovation, QbRobotics, an Italian research and development company active in the field of industrial robotics and manufacturer of innovative devices that implement the soft robotics technology, capable of ensuring high reliability of the production process and Procosil present in the prosthetic field for almost 30 years internationally.

An exceptional combination that guarantees innovation, reliability and competence in the prosthetic sector.

Procosil production process

Design and development of the production process

The whole development process starts from a design sheet, processing sheets for each department, repeated checks carried out in cascade between the departments, to finally arrive at the final testing of the product which is carried out before delivery of the same.
Our production process is based on the pillars provided by the InterCert ISO 13485:2016 regulation.

1 - Design / imprint

The steps that start the creation of the silicone prosthesis is the taking of the measurements and impressions through the use of the innovative 3D scanner, followed by an important product design phase, supported by the relative design sheet

2 - CAD / CAM

Thanks to scanning, digital sculpture steps are started through dedicated software followed by the Biomedical Engineer and with the support of 3D printers. Digital sculpture gives rise to manual sculpture processes.

3 - Silicon

The transparent silicone glove is manufactured thanks to the monolithic mold. ISO 10993-5 certified biocompatible silicone of different Shores is used in this stage.

4 - Color

Our specialized technician faithfully reproduces the patient’s pigmentation on the transparent glove directly with the patient himself.

5 - Finishing

This phase sees the creation of resin nails, custom made by reproducing the shape and color of the patient or according to his needs and requests. The prosthesis is filled and finished.

6 - Delivery

The last very important phase concerns the delivery, in which our technicians inform the patient about the maintenance and use methods and the relative delivery documentation and declaration of conformity is issued as per MDR 2017/745. In this phase, the test form is compiled which ensures final control of the finished product.

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