Lower Limbs

Our Design Technology allows us to prosthesize transmetatarsal, Lisfranc or Chopart foot amputations.

We provide solutions for big toe and toe amputations, forefoot, total foot and tibial linings, thanks also to the support of our soft filler silicones which guarantee remarkable comfort.

For total foot amputations, before proceeding with the definitive foot prosthesis in design, we first carry out a test foot prosthesis which is useful for the patient to evaluate comfort, stability and express their preferences.

The test foot prosthesis, therefore, will not have highly aesthetic finishes as its function will only be to evaluate the ideal aspects for optimal deambulation.

Only once the desired balance has been achieved, will we proceed to the creation of the final prosthesis.

Our technology also allows us to offer solutions such as tibial coatings, i.e. silicone sheaths useful for covering the shape of trans-tibial prostheses.

Coatings can be of two types depending on the patient’s needs and preferences: standard (4 standard sizes – personalized coloring – silicone nails) or design (made to measure – personalized resin coloring and nails).

The lower limb prostheses concern the following solutions:

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