The Procosil center specializes in the creation of nasal, auricular and mandibular epithesis, but our customized technology allows us to prosthetize almost all anatomical sites.

The fixation of the epithesis will depend above all on the anatomical site to be reconstructed and can be performed either through bone implants or through the use of a biocompatible and skin-friendly glue.

To offer 360° solutions around the patient, Procosil collaborates with numerous maxillofacial surgeons and companies in the implantology sector.

The realization of the epithesis includes the same concept of manufacturing of the prostheses for upper and lower limbs.

In fact, there is always a first phase of taking measurements through the use of the innovative 3D scanner, followed by a phase of digital sculpture in which the patient can immediately visualize the final result of the application of the epithesis.

A monolithic mold is then made from which a biocompatible silicone glove is obtained, which will be colored by faithfully reproducing the patient’s pigmentation and following his needs.

Maxillofacial epithesis include the following solutions:

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