Gravity® – System

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Modular prosthesis design, ultra-resistant with variable weight system.

Innovation today

The lightness and the Gravity® adjustment allows for an allocation of progressive weight for a gradual adaptation to the patient’s needs and therefore a better acceptance of the prosthesis.

Composition prosthesis

The prosthesis is composed of a soft, yet highly resistant inner shell. Designed to receive a number of steel balls just enough to create a counterweight of a balance optimized depending on the patient’s needs.

This design allows the continuous and dynamic adaptation of the prosthesis center of gravity in accordance with the movement of the arm / hand.

The currency specialist carefully the prosthesis starting immediately after its assembly and inserts gradually steel balls in the preset slots etched into the inner shell up to the achievement of the final desired weight. This process allows to optimize the gradual weight of the prosthesis with a patient’s direct feedback. Future changes, if necessary, depending on the activity of the patient.

In addition, possible future changes, if necessary, depending on the activity of the patient.

Central component

The high definition aesthetic coating is made to measure with a high quality silicone, reproducing the strength of the hand and the color of the patient’s skin.

Lightness mode

The modularity of the Gravity® System with its lightness and the adjustable center of gravity makes the prosthesis suitable for any level of amputation of the arm or forearm, with agenesis of the same level.

Gravity® is suitable for all ages and is highly recommended for children.