Prosthetic fingers

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The meticulous precision of our work plays a fundamental role in our prosthetic fingers, because the more distal the amputation is (minimum), the more important is the sense of detail.

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We therefore dedicate extreme attention to all technical phases, including accurate stump impressions and measurements, prosthesis colour, correct stump fitting and the crafting of the fingernail…

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…allowing us to create a prosthesis that is a faithful reproduction of the normal finger on the opposite hand. Our technical know-how enables us to fit prostheses to stumps of all types, from full through to half fingers.

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Prosthetic fingers 4 The aspect of appearance is essential in finger amputations.

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Clearly, every individual case is assessed during a visit to our centre, when we carry out careful evaluations of the stump and of specific personal needs, allowing us to give the best possible advice for every single patient.